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Alsa - Surgical Diathermy

For more than 50 years, we have been setting the course in electrosurgery again and again: Many of our developments have made a lasting impact on high-frequency surgery. This applies to the devices as well as the extensive accessories.




It is the most complete model of series. It has a maximum output power of 160W, it can be used with a hand-switch pencil, and it has a technical feature not in common with the units for minor surgery. In fact it is equipped with a double foot-switch for the activation of cutting and coagulation and therefore it results not only the most complete and functional answer for all the above-mentioned needs but even the ideal solution for the first aid, the gastroenterology, etc.


It is the model for bipolar use for cutting or coagulation with a max output power of 120W. It is activated by a double foot-switch and it has 2 separate controls, complete of specific display, for the setting of cutting and coagulation powers.


The equipments of the series EXCELL MCDSe are electrosurgical units for major surgery, suitable for all operations where the monopolar and the bipolar techniques are used, as well as the monopolar mode with the Argon gas flow. The units are available in 5 different models. The models EXCELL 400 MCDSe, EXCELL 350 MCDSe, EXCELL 250 MCDSe and EXCELL 200 MCDSe are indicated for electrosurgery. By the contrary, the model EXCELL 400/A MCDSe is suitable both for electrosurgery and electrosurgery with Argon gas. It is equipped with all the necessary functions for this type of application, and so it is easier to use.


The series EXCELL NHP/T is very efficient and can be used in many operations; it is suggested for Urology, thanks to its capacity of making very thin slices it can be used also in gynaecology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, orl, maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, general or thoracic surgery, paediatric surgery, emergency surgery, other surgeries, gastroenterology and other. Moreover, the Touch-screen is available for all the models, and that makes them easy to use.